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EXO. Luhan. Kai.

host: we’re lucky to have you two here, you’re clicking!

Jongdae and his curious hands.

types of shoppers ft the lines in exo (dubbed by showtime)

Chen giving his prize to baekhyun as thank you gift 

List of EXO discography

Title: Be My Forever (ft. Ed Sheeran)
Artist: Christina Perri
Album: Head Or Heart
Plays: 4034

a cute song performed by christina perri and ed sheeran

the difference between krisho & kailu: when suho and kai are given the opportunity to punish their hyungs for losing in foosball.


Kai couldn’t take his eyes off Luhan during Luhan’s interview :3

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140404 Key instagram update

bumkeyk: tour diary 2


that odd moment when south park says something more beautiful and poetic than most television shows out there

no,like this guy here is the cutest fucking little ball of sunshine though.